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Dr. Young's Pond Berry Farm has been selling pick-your-own berries since the late eighties. We have a small but expanding planting of red raspberries which usually come in from mid-May until mid-June. Our blackberries typically come in from early June to the end of July. Our blueberries come in from mid-June into August.

We are a family business, but our name is not Young. Dr. Young owned the property many years ago, and we kept his name because the people of Angier know the pond, our landmark, by this name. We are the Trustmans. Betty is the voice on our answering machine and the face behind the sales counter. Stan is the head farmer who does the main work in the field and plans the care of the plants. David and Jonathan are the tall, handsome, young ones who help pickers learn which berries are the sweetest and where to best find them in the field.

At Dr. Young's Pond Berry Farm, we try to provide the public with a top quality product and an enjoyable picking experience. We accept cash and checks, but, sorry, no credit or debit cards.

Our Products

Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Garden Vegetables
Read "Blueberries---The World's Healthiest Food" by William Faloon
and also Berry in Black Makes Comeback by Frank Mangano
and also The Health Benefits of Bramble Fruit

CROP UPDATES 5/29/2015


Blackberries are looking great in the field. The new variety is starting to get ripe. The others are moving along and are quite plentiful. It's going to be a fun year.


.Blueberries are still not ripe for picking but they are hanging in huge clusters. They will probably be ready a week or so after the blackberries. We can't believe how many there are. We will not be selling plants this year. The quality of the blueberry plants was not up to our expectations due to the spring freeze so we will not be selling them this year.


One variety of raspberries is going to be ready for picking on June 6th. They are plentiful and delicious.

We have a new piece of equipment that we purchased this year. It is used to exterminate voles which have been giving us fits for many years. It doesn't use pesticides and is 100% environmentally friendly. Ask to see it.

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We are 8.5 miles west of the intersection of US 40 and NC 210 at exit 319. We are also 2 miles northeast of the intersection of NC 210 and NC 55 in Angier. More detail

Hours of Operations

Season can go from early June to early August. Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7 AM to 1 PM.

Pictures of the Farm

See pictures of the farm and the berries you can pick yourself. Click here

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