Berry Important Info

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Hours of Operation

Season can go from early June to early August. Open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! We open at 8am


We are 8.5 miles west of the intersection of US 40 and NC 210 at exit 319. We are also 2 miles northeast of the intersection of NC 210 and NC 55 in Angier. More detail.


  1. Children must stay with Adults. The fields are large and it is easy to get separated.
  2. No DOGS or pets. We have goats that will be out from time to time and no matter how good your dogs might be, our goats come first, so leave your pets at home. If you absolutely HAVE to bring your dog, please expect to keep them in the car and have someone with them.
  3. No “extra” buckets. Only buckets that have been paid for go into the field.
  4. Be considerate! Give other pickers some space.


  1. Kids must be accompanied by adults.
  2. No running or screaming at the goats.
  3. No bending over the goats. They have horns that can poke you!
  4. No picking up goats. Sure they’re tiny and adorable, but that doesn’t mean they want a stranger to pick them up.
  5. No outside food. (Banana peels are an exception.)
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Beginning Saturday June 1st we will have our goats available for petting! Come and feed them treats, rub their ears, scratch their heads, and join along for a walk! $5 per person.