About Us

Dr. Young’s Pond Berry Farm has been selling pick-your-own berries since the late eighties. Originally we were quite the prickly endeavor. The berries were gigantic, but the thorns matched. It took patience, cunning, (or a reckless abandon) to pick in the old days. But no more! Over the years the Trustmans’ have found better and better thornless blackberries. And its not just blackberries. Few blueberries hold up to those that you’ll find on the farm. 

So who are the Trustmans, and why are they running Dr Young’s Pond Berry Farm? Also, why do they make their whole family work on the farm?

Well the story begins with a man named…you guessed it…Dr. Young. The pond (which is actually a lake) was once owned by Dr. Young, and was known for decades by the locals as his pond. The good doctor died a long time ago, however. 

An important note about Dr. Young… he never grew berries. The property itself is quite storied. It has acted as a trash receptacle for one owner. Another took advantage of the dozen natural springs to run some liquor stills in the dry county. The lake was home to countless baptisms as well as an alligator for a couple of years. And, on few occasions, a car has found its way over the railing and into the deep, dark waters.

In the late 1970’s Stan and Betty Trustman took out the trash, brought in the berries, and along with them, a unique experience to Angier! 

In the summers you’ll meet the whole family–three generations of them! Betty and Stan believe that  hard work is good for making you tired, and wants rowdy kids running roughshod all over the house? So off to the fields the kids go!

The other good thing about having kids working on a farm is that they learn no job is too small. Also, working on a farm teaches that no matter how gross it might be, if you want it done you better learn to do it!

Our Products

Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Japanese Persimmons,  Garden Vegetables, Blueberry Plants

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We are 8.5 miles west of the intersection of US 40 and NC 210 at exit 319. We are also 2 miles northeast of the intersection of NC 210 and NC 55 in Angier. More detail

Hours of Operation

Berry Season can go from early June to early August. Open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8 AM to TBD PM.

Blueberry Plant sales begin in the early spring and run until late fall.