Archived June 13, 2016: Additional hours open this week

Hello, everyone!  We continue to have tons of blackberries coming in. So easy to pick.
Blueberries are ripe on bushes all over the field now getting easier and easier to pick each day.
Raspberries continue also, but as always, they are easiest for the early birds.

We will be open our usual hours on Tues and Thurs this week from 7am to 1pm. On Saturday the 18th, we will extend our hours form 7am to 4 pm.  This will give you a chance to get berries for that Father’s Day pie.

Last Saturday,for the first time ever, I made some blackberry cobblers for sale ($10).  I will make more for Saturday this week.  If you would like to reserve one, email me with your phone number and I will put your names on them.

The weather is supposed to be great this week so don’t miss out on a chance to get beautiful berries.

See you soon.   Betty