Berries, Berries Berries

We are happy that the cooling rain has rejuvenated the field.  Blueberries are super plentiful and easy to pick. They are sweet all over  the field and all varieties are producing.

Blackberries seem to have recovered from the heat and are producing some giant berries in the older rows.  In the newer rows they are coming in strong with lots of red and green berries on deck.

The cooler days make picking a pleasure and we con’t wait for you to come and take some berries home.

We continue to open Tues, Thurs and Sat from 7 to 1.

Calling All Pickers!!! Saturday June 30, 2018

We are now going into our peak of the season for both the blackberries and the blueberries. They are both plentiful and delicious.

We have had ladies come in and pre-pick berries so that we can sell them to anyone who need some already picked.

We have homemade jams and cobblers for sale to satisfy your sweet tooth, so we hope you will come out to Angier and enjoy our berry fest!

We will be adding Wednesday, July 4th from 7am to 1pm to our schedule for that holiday pie.  See you soon.

Blueberries are dripping off the bushes

We are having a lot of fun watching the beautiful berries come in from the field.  The blueberries are huge and sweet and very plentiful.  The blackberries are plentiful and new varieties will be coming in soon.

We have had some ladies come in to pick berries to sell pre-picked and it has made a lost of people happy.

We are expecting to have berries until the end of July so there are plenty of berries to pick for all your berry favorites. Check out our recipes on this website.

Record Breaking Opening Day on June 9th

Our season’s opening day on June 9th was a record breaker thanks to our terrific customers.  Thank you!

We saw beautiful blackberries and blueberries come out of the field.   We also sold a lot of homemade blackberry jam.

We will now be open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 7am to 1pm. The field is brimming with berries that are waiting for a new home.  Come get yours for pies, jams, cakes and just eating!

Opening Saturday June 9th

The berries have been taking their time getting ripe with all the cloudy weather. Now that the sun is back out, they are starting to turn colors in the field. We will open Saturday, June 9th from 7am to 1 pm. After that, we will be open our regular hours;  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7am to 1pm. We are hoping that our new variety of blackberry will lengthen the blackberry picking season.   The blueberries are also taking their time but we are starting to see blue ones out there. They are hanging  in huge clusters waiting for the right picker to take them home.

2018 Berry Season Starts Soon

We are excited that the 2018 Berry Season will begin soon. We are expecting to start picking blackberries by Saturday, June 9th and the blueberries soon after.

The crops look amazing!

The blackberries are producing in overdrive. Our newest blackberry variety is showing as many as 15 berries at the tips of their branches.

Many of the blueberry branches have had to be braced from underneath because they are drooping so heavily with berries hanging in huge clusters.

It is going to be a fun year for berry lovers.  See you soon!

6/30/2017 Blackberries still coming in

It has been an odd berry year and a frustrating one.  The blueberries are finished for the year just when they would be peaking.  The mild winter had the berries blooming and the spring freeze finished most of them off.

The blackberries are still coming in. We have a new variety of blackberry that we planted to come in later to sync with the blueberry peak.  They are giving their first crop now and they are delicious.

We are reducing the hours (8-11am) to reflect the crop conditions so we hope people will come and get the blackberries. We are so grateful to our wonderful customers who are so understanding about what has happened this year. We love them all.


We are seeing the berries pass their peak earlier than ever before, but there are still beautiful berries ripening in the field.  They will be easy to pick and delicious.

Yesterday, we were complemented to be mentioned on WRAL’s article on places to pick blueberries. We had a great turnout that resulted from the article. Some people may have been disappointed  because we didn’t have the quantity of berries that we normally have. The spring heat brought the berries in early and the spring freeze reduced our production significantly. We are hoping for better luck next season.

We are changing our hours to reflect the picking conditions. We will open from 8am to 11am Tues, Thurs and Sat this week. We will see what the berries tell us after that. Possibly, we will be able to have picked blackberries still available.


Blackberries are still hanging from the vines with big juicy berries ready to go home with the pickers.

Blueberries take a little more time but they are delicious.  We are going to open up our private blueberries which are all but certified organic. Great flavor!

We’ve got blackberry and blueberry jam ready to take home.  Yum!

Blackberries and Blueberries for picking 6/12/17

We are now picking blueberries. They are not as plentiful as we would like but the ones that are coming in are big, beautiful and sweet. The blackberries continue to come in and they are plentiful, large and sweet. The low acid blackberries have been very popular. The only problem with them is that they are higher than the others to pick.  They are worth the stretch to get them.  The biggest blackberries are found down near the ground or in the middle of the row where they get to ripen to their fullest.   Raspberries are tasty but there aren’t a lot of them.