Blackberries Galore 6/6/2017


We have loads of huge, beautiful, and tasty blackberries coming out of the field. It is the beginning of the peak of the season for them. It takes no time at all to fill a bucket.


The blueberries are starting to come in. They are very large berries since the plants don’t have to ripen so many of them.  They are sweet even before they are fully ripe.  We will be picking them soon.


We had a great day picking BLACKBERRIES yesterday and the berries are ripening quickly for picking tomorrow.  They are plentiful, large and very sweet so we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to pick on the holiday. We will open from 8-11 am to beat the heat.

Chick it out! 2017 Opening

We will be opening tomorrow, Saturday, May 27th from 8 to 11 am for BLACKberry picking. The berries are so sweet we can’t stop eating them in the field. The blueberries and raspberries are not ready quite yet but they will be ready soon.
We will have range free eggs and homemade blackberry jam for sale. Yum!
Remember that we are still behind the times and accept cash and local personal checks only.

See you Soon!

The 2017 Berry Season is Coming Soon!!

Welcome to our new website! Let us know what you think. We can’t wait to see everyone again and catch up on what’s been happening with you.

It has been an unusual winter and spring this last year. The winter was so much milder than normal that one of the varieties of blueberries was in full bloom when the big freeze hit in the early spring. Ordinarily, the time of this freeze would have had little consequence, but this year it was different.

Here are some crop updates for May 17, 2017

The large blackberries that you first come to in the field are now over an inch and still growing. Some are showing a slight red tinge so we expect them to be ripe the first week of June or possible the end of May. We have planted three more rows of the new blackberries that were a big hit last year. In addition, we have a new blackberry that is a little later than all of the other ones. This delicious berry will extend our blackberry season for later pickers.

Good news and bad news. Good news first. The berries will be very large. Bad news: there won’t be as many of them as normally have. We got through the first spring freeze on March 12 with no problem. On the 14th, the temperature dropped below freezing at 10:30 PM and stayed there until 10:00 the next morning. This would have been alright if the ice from the overhead sprinklers melted, but the temperature only got to 41 degrees. This left us with an enormous amount of ice on the plants. Since the ice couldn’t melt, our plants were in a deep freeze. The earliest bearing plants took the biggest hit. The later plants (near the highway) got through it quite well.

We also have done a lot of work reclaiming what we call our “organic” blueberries. These sit up behind our portojohn and are not certified organic. However they were the first blueberries we ever planted. They have not been actively tended for about 25 years. There is an enormous amount of berries on them, but it may be a challenge to get up to the berries on top because the plants are about 12 feet high.


We have replanted the raspberries this year to improve the variety we offer. This means that there is only a small planting available to pick this year but next year there will be a new crop.

Archived July 20, 2016: Blueberry countdown

We will be open tomorrow, Thursday, July 21st from 7am to 1pm.
The blueberries are still plentiful, ripe and delicious. Picking is very easy.
Our last day in the full field will be this Saturday, July 23rd from 7am to 1pm.
We will need to start our pruning on Sunday to assure that the plants have all the time they need to produce next year’s crop.
They say it is going to be hot on Saturday, so come out early and have a pie baked for lunch!
See you soon.    Betty