Spring 2020 update

2020 has, as any year does, brought the good and the bad. We are all experiencing the bad with Covid19 and all it’s impacts. There is good, too. There have been no late freezes to halt the berries progress and so we are seeing huge quantities of berries on the vines and bushes. They may come in fairly early compared to most years.

The virus has offered the opportunity to be creative in marketing the berries. We are expecting to offer picked berries that you can drive in a pick up without getting out of the car. But we will also be able to separate pickers so that they can keep a happy distance between themselves and others. We will probably not transfer berries into boxes, but rather have you take the berries home in the container you use to pick. And we will have you put your berries on and off the scale to prevent extra touching.

We will be opening up our new blueberry field for picking which will give even more space to choose from. Share any creative ideas you have for this season by emailing me at bettytrustman@gmail.com.